Gypsea Bands are mindfully created with meaning and intention. So when you prepare your self for the day, grab a few of your favorite bracelets and bring along a little love and inspiration knowing that you're making a difference to the ocean and marinelife.

Black, Sand, Off White


Sunrise peeks over the Caribbean sea chasing away the black of night. Multi-colored flecks of sand carried by the breeze stick to your skin. Bubbles of sea foam stranded on the tops of your feet as the wave recedes back into the ocean.

see Tulum

Sage, Mist, Rust


Golden hour sunsets sitting by the bonfire after a hot day. Just enough time left for one last dip and then come back on shore to dry off in the sun.

see Laguna

Coral, Pink, Off White


Channel your inner California surfer chick Barbie and be fearlessly fabulous. Bold and bright coral mixed with soft and sweet baby pink. Every day is a new day and you can be whoever you want to be.

see Malibu

Chocolate, Off white, Cranberry


Chocolate covered macadamia nuts. Rich volcanic red soil from the Garden Isle. Breath in the warm salty air as you paddle along the shore and embrace the mana.

see Hanalei

Blue, Mist, Off white

La Jolla

Look up to the clear blue sky and let your soft gaze trail down to meet the misty waves rolling in. Hear the tide pools gurgle around you as the current gently guides tiny sea creatures from one pool to the next.

see La Jolla

Black, Sand, Gold


Simple laidback boho vibes in a land rich with culture and hidden magic. Find your bliss and carry it with you each day. Namaste

see Bali