Our Story

Hair tie bracelets with a purpose.

Gypsea Bands was mindfully created. I wanted to provide a style conscious accessory for everyone that was also a practical everyday item. Something that would look nice and serve a function no matter the occasion or activity. I have always stacked bracelets on my wrists whether it be for a casual or sophisticated look. I would also need a hair tie multiple times a day. Traditional hair ties are ugly, tear your hair out, and are too tight on most wrists. Fabric scrunchies are too bulky and slip out of your hair. So one day I thought, why not combine two items into one?! Gypsea Bands was born! A stylish bracelet available in many colors to go with any outfit, fits any wrist size, and doubles as the best hair tie you will ever own with it’s unique stretch and durability. We promise! With a love for the ocean and being rooted in Southern California, a portion of proceeds from every purchase helps save the ocean and coastlines to support a healthy ecosystem. 



Founder / CEO



2% of proceeds are donated annually to ocean conservation 

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