Men's Fashion is the focus 👀 at Gypsea Bands

Men's Fashion is the focus 👀 at Gypsea Bands

In celebration of International Men's Day on Nov 19th, we joyfully embrace the opportunity to share our appreciation for our fine male cohabitants across the globe - especially the ones that are a little more discerning in the fashion department.

Men’s fashion has taken more of a spotlight the past few years, especially in the surf and outdoor world. Men’s fashion no longer evolves around suits and ties. More risks are being taken for everyday mens fashion even in the casual apparel realm. Men are looking for something unique and personal - even the most simple guys. Whether it be something nostalgic, soft fabric, a new color, or print.

We noticed a missing part of men’s fashion. Specifically in men’s accessories. We see thousands of watches, socks, sunglasses and headwear. Bracelets are becoming more popular for men of all ages, ethnicity, style and geographical location. The bracelets we typically see are metal or beaded (energy bracelets).


At the end of the day we know most men are practical creatures. Metal, beaded and leather bracelets are not the most practical. They can scratch, break, get damaged from sweat and water exposure. We also noticed that the longer hair trend for men just isn’t going away anytime soon. If anything, it’s becoming more popular!

Gypsea Bands provides a perfect option for men who love wearing wrist bands or bracelets. It’s subtle, has a hippy vibe, fits all wrists sizes, comes in all colors that coordinate well with men’s apparel. For those guys with longer hair, it doubles as a hair tie! There you have it... a man band for man buns! Traditional hair ties look like a hair tie on men, we don’t think that’s the most appealing.


What’s so magical about it? It won’t get caught on those hairy man arms due to the unique stretch and softness. They are incredibly durable, can withstand water, saltwater and sweat. By wearing a Gypsea Band it looks like they are wearing a bracelet instead. Another cool part? By purchasing Gypsea Bands and wearing them, you support saving the ocean. A portion of proceeds from every purchase is donated to the Surfrider Foundation to help keep our ocean and coastlines clean.

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