🍂 Fall Fashion: Soft Neutrals

🍂 Fall Fashion: Soft Neutrals

Summer is fading but that doesn't mean you have to leave the beach behind. Lucky for you, fall is the perfect time to savor those last warm rays and as the crisp chill breeze rolls in. 

We love our Gypsea Bands in the Tulum colorway that features Sand, Black and Off-White for channeling soft sandy neutrals, surf wave-break whites, and golden hour sunset nudes. 

Bring a little bling by mixing it up with gold...


... pair it up with basic blacks


Smooth it out with soothing sandy nudes.


or just kick back everyday casual 


How do you get into the fall fashion feels? Share your favorite looks with us on instagram.com/gypseabands or facebook.com/gypseabands

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