Become a Gypsea Bands brand ambassador🌟

Become a Gypsea Bands brand ambassador🌟

Gypsea bands are inspired by the ocean and we want to protect its precious beauty as much as you do. So let's work together to show the world how simple everyday choices can make a positive impact far into the future! 

Our network of friends is growing, so we're launching a new program to help support our feel-good movement.  Some exciting benefits include free product sponsorships and commissions, exclusive access, and so much more!

Visit this page and tell us why you want to become a Gypsea Bands brand ambassador.

Join the Gypsea Bands movement

We are proud to donate a portion of every Gypsea Bands purchase to the Surfrider Foundation in support of their mission to protect the world’s ocean, waves and beaches, for all.

We believe that quality sustainable fashion is an important way to ensure mother nature thrives. By choosing Gypsea Bands bracelets and accessories, you're also supporting a growing community of minority and women-owned businesses with the shared goal of providing quality socially-conscious goods and services that support healthy oceans and marine-life. 

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